Empowering our Partners

Home delivery network – independent service providers

A home delivery network supports the delivery of merchandise to customers, which is also supplemented by the traditional post office delivery option. Independent service providers (ISPs) support more than 60% of home deliveries in South Africa. The relationship with our ISPs provides flexibility to quickly adapt to new product requirements, ensures a more personalised delivery service and provides a more cost-effective distribution network. Training is provided for all ISPs and a comprehensive delivery manual ensures that delivery standards are maintained. As the need arises to extend the delivery network reach to increase the number of collection points for our customers, the ISP model will continue to play a key role in the group’s distribution capabilities.

Direct Sales Agents

Sales agents are based in the field, providing brand visibility in townships and more rural areas. They are our brand ambassadors providing one-to-one interaction with potential customers.
The sales agent channel continues to provide, mainly women, the opportunity to either earn an additional or secondary income or actively drive their primary income. Our top 10 agents have earned in excess of R2.2 million in 2019 in the form of commission.

Empowering our partners