Our competitive advantage

A track record of sustainable and profitable growth

  • 20-year revenue CAGR of 12.7%
  • 20-year profit CAGR of (2.6)%

Well positioned in sizeable and growing mass market

  • Committed to fastest-growing middle-income mass market
  • Aspirational retail and financial services product offering attracts new customers
  • HomeChoice brand strong heritage in mass market, desirable and recognisable, driving loyalty
  • Digitally enabled personal loans and insurance products

Proven ability to leverage the customer base

  • Unique and rich database of behavioural, attitudinal and transactional data
  • Proprietary customer credit knowledge and history
  • Group leverages its Retail customer base for financial services and insurance offerings
  • Experts in direct marketing, engaging customers with offers and newness

Convenient customer engagement

  • Multiple selling channels provide customer convenience
  • Digital engagement through mobi and web
  • Experienced telemarketing operations migrating to digital support
  • Retail showrooms support brand positioning, awareness and access to breadth of product
  • Distribution focused on direct-to-home delivery

Proven growth through product innovation

  • Positioned on heritage textiles private label business
  • Retail product development supports price tiering and affordability
  • External brands support and enhance private label offering
  • Innovation driven through longstanding supplier partnerships
  • Financial Services innovation driven through mobi technology
  • Channel expansion to support changing shopping patterns

Mass market credit expertise

  • More than 30 years’ experience in mass market credit management
  • Suite of credit options on terms to provide customers access to credit
  • End-to-end credit management utilising proprietary technology
  • Centralised credit function with automated decision-making
  • Conservative credit extension and provisioning maintained
  • Specialised fraud and collections teams

Digital-led transformation

  • Proprietary mobi financial services platform
  • Mobi technology supporting smartphone and “simple phone” access
  • Proprietary systems enhanced by world-class digital platforms and telephony systems
  • Progressing digital self-service functionality
  • Agile development process with technology product owners driving innovation
Competitive Advantage

Logistics expertise

  • E-commerce enabled distribution infrastructure
  • Delivery coverage nationwide with SAPO support for more out-of-town accessibility
  • “Single item” logistics operations support digital with strong back-end processes managing customer returns and reverse logistics
  • Driving convenience with click and collect capability